Our mission is to repair the voting process in Nevada. All people need to have confidence that those who vote are the duly registered residents of Nevada and that ballots are handled fairly accurately. Repair the Vote is gathering signatures to restore confidence in the Nevada voting process.


Who We Are

Repair the Vote is a group of Nevada citizens who want all Nevadans to have faith and confidence that our elections are conducted properly, that those who vote are the actual registered voters, while reducing the potential for fraud and improper actions.

What We are Doing

Repair the Vote is collecting signatures across Nevada. We need to collect 140,777 verifiable signatures to get these initiatives on the ballot, and they must come from all areas of the State, 35,195 from each Congressional District. We must complete this no later than June 29th. The only requirement to sign the petition is to be a registered voter in Nevada. We have volunteers working across that State to gather signatures to qualify these petitions for the ballot. We will be present at events around the State over the coming months for people to sign both petitions.

What Can You Do

First and foremost – Sign the petitions.  There are two of them, so make sure you sign them both.  Second, help us get this done by volunteering to gather signatures.  All it takes is donating some of your time.  Third, you can donate to our effort through this website.

Why Are We Doing This

In 2020, numerous incidents not just in Nevada, surfaced regarding voter irregularities revolving around mail-in ballots and voters casting votes without having a leagaly recognised photo ID.  The results:  Voters are losing faith in the election and voting process.

When voters lose faith in the process that drives elections, they also lose faith in the outcome and in the legitimacy of those declared the winners.

We need to change this and repair how voting is carried out across nevada and the United States of America.

Repair the vote in Nevada by passing a law that requires voters to show their ID.


Your donations will help us pass a Voter ID law in Nevada.


We need your help with events, community outreach and signature collection.


We need your signature to get Nevada Voter ID Law on the ballot.

Sign the petition!


Signatures needed!


Join the team today and help us repair the vote in Nevada!

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